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5 reasons to choose 3D in the production of visual material.​

You’ve probably already had experience with 3D video, right? Whether in movies or games, you’ve probably noticed how image quality has changed over the last 10 or 15 years, mainly because of the evolution of computer graphics technology.


The three-dimensional, popularly known as 3D, is nothing more than the construction of the image in a digital environment. The production uses artistic techniques in three dimensions – height, depth and width – to create the hyper-realistic sensation in the image.


The method uses and abuses the smallest details to create the optical illusion that the art is a real photograph of the highest quality.

But do you know what are the advantages of using 3D material for your business? Check out the reasons we’ve separated for you.

5 reasons to look into 3D production.

1º Graphic quality: three-dimensional technology allows high image quality, highlighting small details of each product or service. Now imagine how much a high-tech material adds value to your business and increases your competitiveness in the market.


2º Sensation of reality: as we mentioned at the beginning, three-dimensionality inserts the viewer into the scene through hyper-realism. The sensation of reality caused by 3D technology is related to the ability of our professionals to translate into the digital world what we see in the real world to a point where it is imperceptible to the eye whether such an image is virtual or real. Would you believe that all the images in this article are in 3D?

3º – Details in high resolution: to bring the impression of reality it is necessary to explore the specifics. In this way, the material practically carries the consumer into the production and explores the customer’s experience. In conventional captures, we lose focus and or resolution in some points of the image, which does not happen in 3D, since we manage to maintain quality in each pixel of the production.


4º – Versatility: one of the biggest advantages of 3D technology is that images and animations adapt to any area, being used by the automotive, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, civil construction and space engineering.


– Economy: as the production of the material allows rendering – which is nothing more than the use of techniques to regenerate and change the color, outline, shadow and light – it is possible to update the content. That is, you can recycle the work already done and only modify what is necessary, dispensing with that investment in new material from scratch. Saving time is of paramount importance for everyone, imagine not having to wait for the product to be produced to have all the images and videos for your campaign, since we don’t need the real product to make the images, we can produce them in parallel with the manufacture of the item, gaining time and anticipating the launch.

Wondered how your product would perform in 3D material?

Computer graphics technology could help improve your business even more.

Everyone knows that the presentation material is one of the most important issues for your target audience to get in touch with the company. For the CEO of Megax Studio, André da Silva, with the boom in social networks since the mid-2000s, it is increasingly necessary to draw the consumer’s attention in a few seconds.

“10 years ago, it was common and acceptable for promotional videos to be longer than 3 minutes. Today, if the material lasts longer than 1 minute, it will be difficult for us to hold the internet user’s attention, that is, we need to be impactful from the beginning”, explains the administrator.

With his own experience, José Carlos Bassetti is a marketing manager at Kuhn do Brasil and reinforces the benefits he obtained in business after seeking out 3D production.

“Traditional photos with a white background do not have the same quality brought by 3D and this facilitated communication and engagement on social networks. When the customer sees the high-quality images that the competition does not, it increases visibility and ease of sales pitch.”

So when you ask yourself if you should invest in a quality material such as 3D technology, imagine the following situation, you and your competitor have the same technical qualities, the same skills, and the one who manages to show all of this in the best way in the eyes of the public will certainly have the competitive advantage.